Yun I Sang| His Music and Methods of Expression

Yun I Sang (1917-1995) was a world-famous composer, who was awarded a lot of prizes such as Goethe Medal sponsored by the Goethe Institute.

This year, 2005, is the 10th memorial year of his death.

A concert commemorating the 10th death anniversary of Yun I Sang's death was held at the Yun I Sang Concert Hall from October 26 to 28.

Memorial concert held in Pyongyang

Photo shows the memorial concert of the first day (Oct. 26)

On the opening day, present there were Choe Chang Il, the vice-minister of Culture, Ri Il Nam, the director of the Yun I Sang Music Institute, officials concerned, creators and artistes in the field of culture and arts.

Attending the concert were the widow and daughter of Yun, a delegation of the South Korean "Yun I Sang Peace Foundation" led by Director Sin Kye Ryun, national assemblyman from the Uri Party of the South, a quintet from Germany, Ambassador Friedrich Ludwig Loehr and a staff member of the German embassy in the DPRK. 

Choe Ik Gyu, the minister of Culture, in his opening address said that the concert, along with festivals for reunification held in Pyongyang and Seoul shortly before on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 joint declaration and the 60th anniversary of Korea's liberation, would contribute to bringing all Koreans a bright hope for the national reconciliation, unity and reunification.
The premiere was given by artists of the orchestra of the Yun I Sang Music Institute. They performed violin concerto No. 3 by Yun I Sang and others.

Great Achievements of Yun's Music

The 19th symposium on Yun I Sang's music was held at the People's Palace of Culture on October 27.

At the symposium Master of Music Ho Chang Hwal, a researcher at the Yun I Sang Music Institute, spoke on the subject "On a number of features of methods of expression in Yun I Sang's polyphonic music," Ri Son Yong, a researcher at the institute, on the subject of "Study of Yun I Sang's music created before the middle of the 1950s," Prof. and Master of Music Kang Yong Gol, a teacher at the Pyongyang University of Music and Dancing, on the subject of "On diverse and peculiar methods of expression and rendition in Yun I Sang's music" and Kim Song Ryul, the chief of a music room the institute on the subject "Study of Yun I Sang's string quartets."

They explained and proved the ideas and contents of music pieces composed by Yun and his peculiar methods of musical composition, etc., and spoke highly of this creative activities dedicated to national reconciliation and unity and to the reunification of the country.

The symposium provided an opportunity to analyze and prove in depth the achievements made by Yun's music and their worth and contributed to deepening the understanding of his patriotic music world.

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