Let's Try Korean Cuisine (25): Pyongyang-Style Cold Noodle



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Pyongyang-style cold noodle is known as a specially tasty cold noodle. A cold noodle, which is known in Japan, is close to the Pyongyang-style noodle. Many Koreans eat this after they eat grilled meat. Let's try it!



Ingredient for four persons


Raw noodles -- 800g

Pork loin -- 200g

White radish -- 200g

Cucumber -- 1

Boiled egg -- 2

Cherries -- 4

Apple -- half

Sliced pepper -- a little

Pine nuts -- a little

*Beef soup -- 7 cups




Sugar -- 1tsp.

Grated garlic -- a little

Vinegar -- 1tsp.

Pepper powder -- 1tsp.




Soy sauce -- 1tsp.

Salt -- a little






(1) Boil pork loin for 15 minutes and then cool down and slice it.


(2) Slice white radish and cucumber into rectangular pieces. Make the white radish soften with in salty water and swish water off.


(3) Cut an egg into half and slice an apple.


(4) Strain beef soup and season it with B


(5) Soak noodles into bolding water for 3 minutes. While boiling them, stir them with chopsticks to prevent them from sticking together. Remove them from the boiling water, cool them in cold water and swish water off.


(6) Put 5 on a container and add apple, pork, egg and cherry in this order.


(7) Add white radish and cucumber, pour the soup and garnish sliced pepper and pine nuts.



*Beef soup


Beef soup is regarded as the king of all Korean soups. It is called Yuksu in Korea and is selected for cooking cold noodles.




Muscle of beef -- 300g

Boned beef ribs -- 2

Water -- 5 liters


(1) Wash muscle beef and boned beef ribs well.


(2) Put 1 in water, cook over strong fire just before it boils and then lower the fire. Skim off the scum while keeping it boiling for 2 hours.


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