General Secretary Kim Jong Il's On-the-Spot Guidance
Given on Total of 71 Occasions in 1998

Last year, General Secretary Kim Jong Il conducted his on-the-spot guidance to the nation's socio-economic, cultural and defense sectors on a total of 71 occasions.

One of the most important characteristics of his guidance last year was that he stressed the role of military power not only in defense, but also in other national economic and reunification policies.

His policy, which attaches great importance to the military, continues to pursue the behests of the late President Kim Il Sung, the founder of the nation.

His on-the-spot guidance tours break down visits to defense military 32 (45%), 11 visits (15.4%) to non-military sectors including economic construction, 8 visits (11.2%) to historical spots various ceremonies and meetings. In addition, he made a public appearance at art and cultural performances on 20 occasions (28%).

The following are the officially reported data on General Secretary Kim Jong Il's on-the-spot guidance, based on the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) and Rodong Sinmun, organ of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

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