Int'l Juche Seminar Held in India

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A declaration to support north Korean people's socialist movement was adopted at an international Juche seminar held from Apr. 11 to 12 in New Delhi, India.

"The International Seminar on the Juche idea for Independence and Peace in Contemporary World,which heard speakers review their regional socialist activities, was participated in by 32 delegations and delegates from 23 countries, including first secretary P.G. Bilvski of the Young Communist League of Russia; prof. Kamakura Takao of Saitama University in Japan; faculty dean Alba Chavez of Guayaquil University of Ecuador; secretary general Guy Dupre of the International Liaison Committee for Reunification and Peace of Korea, and Chairman Yang Hyong Sop of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly.

The Juche seminar has been held annually in various parts of the world since early the 1970s.

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Follow excerpts from the declaration:

The respected President Kim Il Sung authored the great Juche idea which brought an epochal turn in the development of human thought, opened the era of independence when the maltreated and oppressed people have emerged as makers of history, masters of their destiny and put the advance movement of history on an orbit of independence.

Venerating President Kim Il Sung as the sun of the progressive humankind forever is a duty and obligation of the people living in the glorious era of independence.

The cause of independence started by him is being firmly defended and successfully carried forward by Comrade Kim Jong Il.

His Excellency Kim Jong Il formulated the revolutionary ideas of President Kim Il Sung as an integral system of idea, theory and method of Juche and developed them as the great banner of the cause of independence.

Led by His Excellency Kim Jong Il, the people's cause of independence will overcome all trials and ordeals and win the final victory. This is the steadfast faith cherished in our hearts.

The 20th century is a glorious one in which the people's cause of independence was pioneered and emerged victorious under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung whereas the 21st century will be a great one in which the cause will win a decisive victory under the leadership of His Excellency Kim Jong Il.

We will invariably devote all our energies and wisdom to the final victory of the people's cause of independence under the leadership of His Excellency Kim Jong Il in any adversity.

We will more deeply study the Juche idea and disseminate it among broad masses in conformity with the requirements of the time and the developing cause of the independence of the people.

We will wage an uncompromising struggle against the reactionary, anti-popular ideas spread by the imperialists and opportunists and keep the Juche idea pure.

We will make all efforts to actively encourage the people in their struggle to build a new society, peaceful and prospering in an independent world freed from aggression and war.

We will make every possible effort to strengthen solidarity with the people of all countries who are drawing a lesson from their past bitter failure and struggling to rebuild socialism on the basis of a new ideological foundation.

We will actively support and encourage the Korean people in their struggle to shatter the imperialists' anti-DPRK moves, develop socialism centred on the popular masses and thus consolidate the reliable fortress of the cause of independence and achieve the independent and peaceful reunification of the country in line with the three charters of national reunification defined by the respected His Excellency Kim Jong Il."

(Compiled from KCNA)

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