Introduction: Tokyo-Rason Tour

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A free market at the Quonhe-Wonjon border bridge

Street of the Rajin district The Rajin Hotel Sonbong City and Sonbong Port A bed room at the Pipa Tourist Hotel Four north Korean women are singing at a social gathering Beautiful beaches in the Rason zone Sungri Chemical Factory in Sonbong district

Seven resident Koreans in Japan participated in a Tokyo-Rason tour from Oct. 15 to 20. See Time Table

(You are able to enter the Rason zone without a north Korean visa. All you need is an invitation issued by the DPRK Committee for Promotion of External Economic Cooperation of the Rason authorities which will be mailed or faxed to you upon your request by phone or fax...Ed.)

The six-day and five-night tour which visited Beijing, two other trade cities in northerneast China and Rajin-Sonbong free trade zone of the DPRK, was organized by Nanshin Kosan, a Tokyo-based travel agency (phone:81-3-3413-6956 or 81-3-352-5556) at the price of 292,000 yen (transportation, board, accommodation included).

The purpose of the tour is three-hold 1)to visit Korea's free trade zone to get first-hand information on its actual situation 2) to visit Yangji, main trade partner of and investor into the Rason zone to study its exchange with the latter and 3) to inspect Dalian, one of the most successful trade zones in Asia as a model case.

The tour's itinerary included visits to Rajin port, a seafood procession center, construction site of a ritzy Hong Kong hotel, Golden Triangle Bank, resort beaches and the Pipa Tourist Hotel in the Rajin Sonbong area.

Meanwhile, the party had a business luncheon and an investment explanatory meeting with officials from the Rason authorities and the local tourist agency, and a dinner party with director of the Yanji External Economic Trade Bureau in China.


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